About Be Home Clean

Everyone wants a clean house but going through the cleaning process can be a tiring task. More often than not, you would spend lots of hours scrubbing away all those extra dirt and grime to keep your home tidy. Before you even know it, you’ve completely used up all your time for the day. 

With the current pandemic causing a massive shift in our lifestyles and routines – everything seemed like a chaotic mess. There may probably be even times where managing household chores come off as challenging and draining at most. Cleaning the house can also be hard to follow through, especially when you don’t have enough free time in your schedule to do it. 

These concerns are mainly what our website seeks to alleviate and address. Be Home Clean aims to provide you with helpful information regarding how you can maintain the cleanliness of your home while minimizing effort. We recognize the amount of work put into cleaning, which can often rob you of your much-needed personal time with family. Because of this, Be Home Clean wants to help you make your cleaning less time-consuming and more efficient by outlining step-by-step processes and even tips about how you can best go about cleaning your house. This way, you’ll be able to have more time for family while focusing on your other responsibilities and duties. 

This about page for my cleaning website will particularly aid you with useful cleaning tips regarding floors, vacuuming, dusting, clutter, and pets. Here are they:


In any house, regular floor cleaning is essential because it’s one thing that most visitors often notice whenever you’re home. Improperly cleaned floors may especially leave a bad first impression for your visitors and may make them feel uncomfortable. 

Be Home Clean provides helpful tips about how you can clean your dirty or streaked floors. We provide information about the most recommended cleaning process to follow for tiling floors, making your home more welcoming for guests, and some habits you should follow if you want to keep the tidiness of your house. 


Aside from maintaining a clean, inviting space, vacuuming also helps keep the residents in your home safe and healthy. Every day, there are thousands of hairs, skin cells, or allergens that are being shed. These can be particularly harmful when inhaled because they can trigger adverse reactions such as allergies. 

Aside from that, even if people vacuum, they might not completely remove all the debris due to poor handling. Our website lets you know the recommended ways to follow whenever you vacuum and how often you should also do it to ensure that your floors and carpets are spotless. 


Proper dusting is also essential since dust can quickly be transported to different areas in the house. When left unattended, dust particles can cause sicknesses or diseases and may even trigger coughing, sneezing, and cause eye irritation as well. Dusting your furniture daily helps reduce the probability of these. 

We provide tips about how you can reduce dust accumulation in your home, where it came from, and how to make your house a safer environment to be in. 


For pet owners who own furry friends at home, pet dander or pet hair can be a difficult task to keep at bay. If you have pets, it’s vital to ensure that your pets are well taken care of and that their pet hair won’t cause any issue to your home’s overall cleanliness. 

Despite pet dander being challenging to get rid of, we provide some tricks so that you won’t face this kind of dilemma in the future. These will also help you control pet dander accumulation within your home. 


Coming home to a house full of clutter is a stressful sight to see. This is especially true if you have kids who love running and playing around.

An organized and clean home not only enhances your home’s aesthetics but also makes it a more comfortable and welcoming space to be in. Being able to organize your clutter makes things more accessible for you. Simultaneously, it also aids in enhancing your productivity levels and helps you sleep better. 

Be Home Clean gives you various tips regarding home organization or how to maximize your space for extra comfort and convenience. By only following simple and easy steps, you’ll immediately have a room that’s not only functional but pleasing to look at, too.