How to organize your bathroom in 8 steps

  • By: Bee
  • Date: May 6, 2022
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The bathroom is where we all go to get clean, so it’s important that this space stays clean too. With so many hair-care and beauty products, it’s easy for your self-care solutions to overwhelm your bathroom space, especially if you share it with others. With a little organization, it’s easy to turn your bathroom back into a functional, clutter-free space by using these 8 simple steps.


The first step for organizing anything is to declutter. You’ll want to see everything you’re currently storing in your bathroom space so that you have a better sense of how to organize it. Pull out all your belongings from cupboards or drawers and make sure to clean them all as you go.

Group Like Items Together

Once you have all your items laid out, you’ll want to start grouping like items together. It’s easy for your products to get mixed up in drawers, however, keeping similar items together will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for the next time you need it.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

We are all guilty of holding onto products and items that we don’t use anymore. You may have tried something and didn’t like it or held onto something so long that it has expired. These are all items that are taking up your extra storage space and can be tossed to make more room.

You may also find some items that don’t belong in the bathroom at all. Relocating those items out of your bathroom will provide you with a much more organized space.

Limit Counter Items

Items that we use the most often tend to live on top of your counter spaces which can get really cluttered over time. Limiting the items on your counter to just the essentials will make the area feel cleaner and more spacious. If you do have some extra items on the counter, placing them in storage bins or trays will also help keep them more organized.

Use Storage Containers and Drawer Dividers

There are so many ways to store your items and choosing ones that work best for you and your space can be fun. Storage containers not only keep your products organized and tucked away, but they also help to personalize your space.

Drawer dividers are also a great way to utilize drawer space. Instead of throwing your items in the drawers and digging them out when you need them, you can use drawer dividers to organize the different items in this space.


Labeling your storage containers is another great way to make finding your items easy, especially if you use a lot of different products. If you live with others, you can also group your items by person and label them this way so you each have your products in your own areas.

Utilize Wall Space

Not all bathrooms have cabinets, drawers, or shelves for storage, however, you can utilize wall space to make your own storage. Purchasing small shelves or racks can help spread some of your items around the room in an organized way. They’re also a great way to store towels and add some personalized decor.

Add A Laundry Bin

Lastly, it’s easy to throw dirty clothes and towels on the floor after a shower, so having a laundry bin in the bathroom is a great way to stop this habit. It makes cleaning up easy and doing laundry even easier.
Organizing may feel like a chore at first, but your bathroom will be clutter-free and more enjoyable for everyone to use thanks to these 8 simple steps.

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