How to organize your kitchen

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  • Date: May 6, 2022
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The kitchen is one central place that anyone can pop in at any time of the day or night. Therefore, you have to know how to organize your kitchen since every little inch of the counter space is prime real estate. A kitchen is an inevitable hub where many activities occur since most lives while at home tend to revolve in the kitchen.

It’s not about having pretty bins; it’s about saving time when grabbing some breakfast, cutting on food waste, and helping in proper the right amount of grocery shopping. With an organized kitchen, you can cook efficiently without anything coming on your way. At the same time, you get to waste fewer meals.

With all that said, let’s get the kitchen ready for some action with some of the tricks that will leave it looking fabulous.

Declutter your cabinets

If you just moved in or are trying to reshuffle your kitchen, you should unpack the items from the box or cabinets and rearrange them. When you get everything out in the light, you can know what you have and what to throw away or donate, for instance, things that you barely use, broken stuff, or duplicate items.

Kitchens are always small storage; therefore, only arranging the drawers and cabinets with the important stuff. You should avoid unpacking only the items you frequently use; otherwise, you’ll leave the boxes for even months without emptying. Instead, it consumes a lot of space.

Create Categories

All kitchen items should have a designated home. For the food products, it is advisable to remove them from their actual packaging and pour them in some organizers to create space and make your kitchen look neat and organized. It works so perfectly. For instance, the flour, rice, apple granola bars, cereals, sauce packets, and granola bars should be in their new homes.

Choose uniform and space-saving containers.

Some people use mountains of storage containers that barely match. For food storage, you should use see-through containers that are of uniform shape; they are helpful on how to organize your kitchen.

You can have a few food storage containers that will maximize the cupboard space.

Preferably, organize your spices and cereals in clean, identical storage containers. The containers should streamline the internal space in the cabinet. You can group items similar to packets of gravy mixes, sauce mixes, and hot cocoa packets and place them in a small container.

Store food properly in the fridge

It’s not about storing food inside or outside the fridge; it’s a matter of how you are in your fridge. A refrigerator has a specific place for specific items. For instance, place the dairy products in the freezer and groceries in the fridge’s lowest compartment. There is also a space to organize your beverages, such as beer, in the refrigerator.

Organizing items correctly in a fridge creates more space for other things. It makes it look great, and you can quickly get what you are looking for.

Position Correctly

After you have unpacked your items for a reshuffle, you should know how to position them correctly. It would be best if you set things that you often use at eye-level. The pieces that you barely use can place them higher up or far away since if you can’t access an item, it means you hardly use it.

You should do the same for the pantry! It creates more space, and you can easily access everything.

Use Lazy Susans

Lazy Susan’s rotate trays are great kitchen storage on how to organize your kitchen. They are used to hold items such as bottles of vinegar, oils, medications, minerals, and other cooking things. You can use them in those dead spaces in your fridge to create space for organizing your kitchen items such as beverages, leftovers, or small items.

Get to Build a Storage area You Need

The invention of drawers was for organization and storage purposes; however, that doesn’t imply they’re generally meant to come in handy to reach your wants.

Adrienne of The End, a blogger of the Gravel Drive, suggests that you should transform things like jumbles of cutlery and topsy-turvy stacks of bowls into a well-organized, simplified setup that needs to include drawer inserts.

Experiment with coloration coordination

Try and focus on investing in how to organize your kitchen and maintaining it in a well-organized way. You should ensure to organize by creating a color theme for your utensils and tea towels.

A Blogger called Megan of Sugar Color House brings a better understanding of this idea with her drawers filled with measuring cups, linens, and serving items. You’ll be more motivated to maintain the kitchens’ tidiness and its appearance when matters seem to be this well visually arranged.

Create A Work Station In The Kitchen

You’ve perhaps heard about the Golden Triangle; this triangular formation between the sink and oven makes it more efficient for activities to carry on around in the kitchen.

It is wise to think of your kitchen as a work sector in dishware storage, dishwasher and sink, food storage, cooking zone, and food storage, whether your kitchen is in a triangular formation or not. Arrange your kitchen appliances in line with their correlated sector.

Try and create a second prep area if you intend to have another person cooking with you in the kitchen. Add a different working area or a baking area so that the entire area is well arranged, and appliances are placed in their applicable regions.

Final Verdict

Lastly, this article directs us to the most crucial point when it gets to how to organize your kitchen: Always ensure to have a place for every item in your kitchen.

You should invest your energy and time into unpacking and reorganizing the kitchen. It’s an investment that will pay off in the future.

The goal in organizing your kitchen is to make that space and contents look great to help serve your needs to run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Invest your energy and time organizing and reshuffling the kitchen, and it will pay off in the future.

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