Cleaning tips for students

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  • Date: May 6, 2022
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In the last year, hygiene and cleanliness have become a major priority. It is in the forefront of your mind like never before. Cleaning can be a thrilling task unless you find it therapeutic.

When students move into the hostels provided by the school, the place tends to be in a big mess. These are spaces with many students sharing rooms, so it’s easy to become messy.

When students move into those houses, they find them in a very filthy situation that requires cleaning. Most of the time, when students are required to vacate the rooms after school closes, they are made to clean the rooms before they leave. To get a full deposit after moving out of a house, you are required to leave it sparkling clean as you found it.

The rooms might have stains that you’ll find hard to remove, but this should not be a problem. This article is here to help you turn a messy room into a haven. Let us delve into cleaning tips that can help you.

Red wine and other beverages

Most students love taking red wine or beverages like coffee while in the comfort of their rooms. At times you may get wine spills on carpets or clothes.

There is no need for getting upset anymore; after you’ve spilled wine or beverages, what follows is cleaning it up. To avoid staining, ensure that you deal with the stain immediately.

It’s a great way to limit more damages to your clothes, floor, or even the carpet. Failure to clean them on time could harden on the floor or instead seep in your carpet and have an offensive odor. 


Suppose you are barefoot walking in your house, and you step on some greasy area; what is the first thing that pops to your mind first? Cleaning, right? It is easy to remove Grease. However, it would be best if you did not drain it down in your sink or toilet. It leads to blockages or breaks your pipes.

To avoid this, you should have a bowl or cup in the sink to tip the leftover oil. When done, you can throw it in your bin. One step of getting Grease off your clothes or carpets is by using baby powder. Hence it is a suitable tool for cleaning.

Fried foods are a dangerous problem when they splatter on your clothes. When this happens, you should immediately pick a powder puff and start dabbing on the stain using the baby powder.

In case the grease mark is still on your carpet, floor, or cloth, use a solvent such as an alcohol-based solution like methylated spirits. It will dissolve all of it.

Note that the methylated spirit is different from the drinking one. When done, you can soak or pour some liquid detergents in the stained area. Leave it for some time. Then you can use either hand wash or wash it in a washing machine.

Wash Tea Towels and Bath Towels Regularly

The towels used by the student while cooking end up looking so dirty. They attract bacteria and germs that could be unhealthy. For this reason, you’ll realize that some molds and mildew start harboring.

One way of fighting germs found on clothing is by soaking the towels in warm soapy water. Or add salt to the mixture to prevent or stop the spread of bacteria. Try this method every week or twice a week since the kitchen towels are used daily.


It is common to find students leaving their class and pocket their pens. It is a hazardous move since it could spoil your favorite pair of jeans. Others will let their kids play and draw on their clothes or on the floor. It’s a whole lot of work but a quick fix.

When this happens, make sure to take action immediately. You can use essential household products such as hand sanitizer, alcohol-based solution, or hairspray to clean up.

It’s advisable not to wash and dry before getting the stain off. The dryer might set the ink stain this making it hard to remove. The mentioned products will dilute the ink, and you will use less energy to wash. These solutions are robust in removing several kinds of ink stains.

However, you should first test your stained garment to observe colorfastness. Some could be dramatic on your cloth and end up creating more damages. The solutions might attack the dyes on fabric.

For alcohol solutions, you can dab it on the stained part. Just take a cotton pad and soak it in alcohol, then gently press on the affected area. The solution draws the ink from the cloth onto your cotton pad. Continue dabbing until all the mark goes away.

A clear, alcohol-based hand sanitizer will also work as a substitute for rubbing alcohol.

Bathroom grime

Bathroom grime makes your bathroom look unpleasant. However, that shouldn’t fret you. One of the ways of eliminating damages is advisable not to let it sit for long. Leaving it longer makes it challenging to clean.

For this, baking soda is a powerful washing product that can make it disappear. Since it helps get rid of limescale. Sprinkling some crystals on the dirt neutralizes the nasty smell that comes with grime.

When cleaning your showerheads, get a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Using a rubber band, attach your bag over the shower fixture and submerge the entire head inside the vinegar.

Give the vinegar around one hour to work, then take off the bag. You can now rinse those surfaces with cold water. Get a soft towel or cloth and dry it.

Keep in mind that it’s a great idea to use antibacterial products while cleaning the bathroom grime.

Molds and Mildew

Mold found on porous and non-porous surfaces.

White vinegar

Using White vinegar on surfaces. It’s a key advantage. Its strong smell takes a short period of time to go away.

Method of making the solution:

Into a spray bottle, pour in an equal amount of undiluted white vinegar and water. White vinegar is an intense form of vinegar that contains 20% of acetic acid, and diluting it with water decreases its effectiveness-the surface with molds. Start by spraying and let it rest for an hour without scrubbing it or rinsing it off. 

After an hour, proceed by wiping the surface with water allowing the surface to dry off. The smell of vinegar on the surface will naturally fade off within a few hours.

Baking soda alone plays the role of removing odors by absorbing them on surfaces in the fridge. Baking soda also treats hurt burns (acid reflux). Baking soda alone has several benefits in household cleaning, such as removing black molds on surfaces. Baking soda absorbs all the moisture that attracts mildew.

It would be best to keep all your cleaning types of equipment and products in a storage area that could be of easy access other than hiding them in the regions that are not accessible. It will help you have an easy time when cleaning. It also assists the people living with you to clean up surfaces or sweep up the house floors more often.


Rusting occurs when metals get exposed to water for an extended period. Things that can easily rust includes; a car, outdoor furniture, tools, or anything in a metallic state. 

When the electrons on metals are absorbed and broken down by the water left for an extended period; hence it destroys the (metal state) object. You’ll find pretty several things that one can transform into household cleaning agents for stain removal-for instance, aluminium foil to white vinegar, a mildly acidic fluid-like. For a compelling stain removal look, use white vinegar. 

The rust starts by reacting with white vinegar and then dissolves it. Soak the rusted metal in a bowl of white vinegar for a few hours. Afterward, you can wipe it off to remove the rust. You can opt to pour white vinegar all over the area with rust. Another alternative will be to soak a piece of cloth in white vinegar, then wipe off the object’s rust.

Another alternative to cleaning up rust is by using a piece of aluminum foil with white vinegar to wipe off the rust from the metallic or iron object.

One can use regular vinegar, but it’s a disadvantage. It consumes a lot of time to remove the stain off the object. For this method, soak the thing in a bowl containing regular vinegar for a period of 24 hours. This method helps reduce the amount of time used in scrubbing the rust.


There isn’t any preferred method of cleaning beer off the draft other than maintaining and keeping draft lines at a clean state. Many things might go wrong if not stored clean, such as yeast, bacteria, sediment, also known as beer stone and mold. 

These microorganisms start by creating tainting and foaming of the beer. Once you spill beer on the carpet, couch trousers, shirt, etc., try and grab a dishcloth or paper towels. They absorb as much beer as possible off. Proceed by introducing any form of solvents, detergent, or any liquid.


When it comes to cleaning up vomit in carpets, we tend to remove the urge as soon as possible. If you take much time before cleaning the vomit off, it will soak and settle between the fibers or even pad its way beneath the carpet.

If this happens, it makes it hard to remove the lousy odor from it.

You might accidentally miss a spot when cleaning, or even the dog threw up, and you didn’t notice until the vomit has rested for a couple of weeks. It will make you look for an alternative way of removing dried vomit off the carpet.

Good thing there are methods one can use to clean dried vomit for the instant by using the same procedure as outlined in Method 1 with two other kind additions:

  • Start by dampening the area containing dried vomit. Then scoop off the vomit using a spoon so that you don’t damage your carpet by ripping it off.
  • Repeat method one as much as possible until all the vomit is off and clean.

Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the area of carpet that has vomit if the odor does not go away. Let it rest for a couple of hours. Then vacuum the area.

To clean up vomit off your clothing, rinse it off from the back of the stain under cold running water. Then, wash the cloth in the machine or hand wash it.

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