How to remove marks from walls without taking off paint

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  • Date: May 8, 2022
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Everyone loves to see their walls clean and uniform just as it was made free of marks and stains, but in one way or the other, they end up having stains or marks due to activities around it. Some walls may have been used as drawing areas by the children all the same.

Removing marks from a wall without ruining the paint is a hectic job to do. It is also a challenging task for most people, and when removing the marks, they end up destroying all the paint on the wall.

Reckless removal of the marks on the wall destroys the painting hence incurring an extra cost that could have been avoided if the necessary measures were taken in advance.

The big question that everyone is asking is, how can I remove these marks on the wall without taking off the paint?

Marks left on a wall

Worry less because I have a solution to your question.

Different marks and stains are removed differently depending on their nature. To remove marks on the wall without taking off the paint, use the following hacks and proven fast and easy ideas.

There are some requirements for general cleaning and marks movement like warm water, lime juice, vinegar, baking soda, a magic eraser, and a cleaning towel.

1. Water and detergents are used to remove the marks.

Before anything else, you should consider using water and soap for marks and stain removing on your wall. It is the cheapest and, in fact, the simplest means of wall cleaning. You only need some warm water, a washing detergent and a piece of cloth made of fibre.

Put some warm water in a basin and add a few drops of the washing detergent into the warm water. Dip your fibre piece of cloth in the water solution. Take off the cloth from the solution before it is fully saturated. With the damp pieces of material, rub the stain or mark until you can see it no more.

To be sure that the mark is gone, wait for a moment until the wall is dried. If there are some faint mark signs, repeat the process repeats until the mark is entirely gone.

Use of water and a washing detergent is a safe way of removing marks on a painted wall, and in case it doesn’t work, move to the next hack of cleaning walls.

2.Remove marks and stains on the wall using a cleaning magic eraser.

The next step to mark and stain removal on our walls is the use of magic erasers. Wall Cleaning eraser tools have a significant resemblance to a sponge and can be found at any hardware store or online shopping.

Erasers come in basically for tougher wall marks and stains that cannot be removed by using water and washing soap. Items needed for this way of cleaning to work, an eraser and some water.

Use the water to make the cleaning eraser wet as per the instruction on the packaging’s user menu. First, do a spot test on a different out of way area before tackling the main mark or stain to avoid unnecessary default. A cleaning eraser can do worders on wall marks, but it may damage the finishes, particularly on wooden surfaces. 

After the test to determine the cleaning eraser’s safety, rub the mark gently until it disappears. Avoid hard scrubbing the marks on the wall as you may end up creating a massive mess on the wall that you may regret.

If you can’t be able to use the cleaning eraser, it is advisable to find someone who Is an expert and has experience in using the eraser to do the job for you at a friendly fee.

Cleaning erasers will magically remove the marks on your wall even if water and detergent had no effect on the stains and the marks on the wall.

3. Wall cleaner used to remove the marks on your wall.

In case the other steps did not work for you, do not worry about removing the marks or stains on your wall. You can also use wall cleaners. Wall cleaning is a common thing in our present world, and there are many products in the markets made purposely for cleaning walls.

The best wall cleaner to use is an all-purpose wall cleaner and a fibre cloth to scrub the mark on the wall. To make an all-purpose wall cleaner, put a quart of warm water in a bowl, add one teaspoon of liquid washing dish detergent and stir.

Add a quarter teaspoon of white vinegar to the solution and mix it through stirring. Using a piece of cloth, apply the solution to the mark or stain and let the all-purpose solution stay on the mark for ten minutes before moping it off. 

The all-purpose wall cleaner works by loosening the mark or stain’s intensity, hence making it easy for the mark to be removed by just wiping it.

Bottom line.

Re-painting a wall just because of a few marks and stains is now a thing of the past because the marks can be removed easily by use of water and detergents, erasers and wall cleaners, as explained above. Your wall is guaranteed to appear as a new wall free of marks and stains by using these ways.

It is advisable that the color of cloth to be used in all the cleaning ways should be white because using other colored clothes may result in the wall being stained with the cloth’s respective color.

Also, as you scrab of the marks, remember to be gentle. Scrubbing hard may result in more damage to both the painting on the wall and the wall itself.

Removing stains or marks with taking off the paints depends mainly on the type of material making the wall and the type of paint used to furnish it, so before settling on the way to clean your wall, consider what it is made of.

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