Wet or dry duster – which is best?

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  • Date: May 6, 2022
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Dusting your home is an essential part of keeping it clean and tidy. It ensures that your family is healthy because it removes irritants that could harm them.

There are two types of dusting, wet and dry dusting.

Dry dusting requires using a dry cloth or a feather duster, while wet dusting involves using a moist cloth to remove the dust in your home. A dry duster may displace the dust, while a wet duster will not.

Bear in mind that when dusting electronic devices, a wet duster is not your best choice.

Benefits of Regular Dusting

Regularly dusting your house has the following benefits.

Fresh Air

Wet dusting your house makes the air more breathable for members of your family. Dipping your duster in a vinegar or lemon solution will not only help remove dust particles but will also kill bacteria that may be on your surfaces.

You can also purchase commercial cleaning products you can use to wet dust your surfaces. Remember, do not spray cleaning products directly onto your furniture; spray it on the cloth and then use it to wipe it

Improve Your Family Health

As mentioned above, the air in your house is more breathable after you dust carefully. Accumulation of dust particles, dust mites, and mold can badly affect the health of your family. Ensure that you use a moist cloth to wipe down surfaces, and that will protect your family from respiratory problems. 

Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal

After dusting your home, you will notice that your surfaces look better. Wiping with a dry cloth after wet dusting, gives items in your home a very appealing shine. That will make you feel good and improve the mood of your family members.

Tips for Dusting

Here are some tips for dusting your home. 

Use the right tools

Make sure that you get the right dusting implements before you begin. If you are dusting ceiling fans and lighting fixtures, use a bendable brush.

You can buy one that you can bend in a variety of ways. You do not need a ladder to do this unless you have high ceilings in your home. 

If you have cobwebs and dust in the corners, you can cover a mop with an old sock and secure it with a rubber band. That makes an excellent duster for high corners. It will also ensure that you remove all cobwebs in said corners. 

It is advisable to wipe delicate trinkets and baubles with a dry cloth. In case you choose to use a cleaning product on any of these, make sure that you do not spray it directly on them.

When dusting your furniture, make sure that you use microfiber cloths to wipe the surfaces. 

Microfibre cloths do not leave lint on surfaces, are electrostatically charged, so they attract dust and never leave streaks on the furniture. Using the right equipment for dusting your house will ensure that it is clean. 

Dust Before you Vacuum

This is a contested viewpoint as many people in the cleaning community feel that you should vacuum first then dust.

Bear in mind that when you hoover your house before dusting, you kick up dust and particles. To dust, you will have to wait for at least an hour for the dust to settle. 

Apart from that, you will need to vacuum again after dusting to ensure that you catch any dust particles that fell on the floor during dusting.

That will waste your time by increasing the amount of time and energy spent on cleaning the home.

If you dust first, any particles will have descended and settled by the time you start vacuuming. 

Keep your Windows Closed

Ensure that you do not dust your house while the windows are open, as that will blow the dust all around the room. Cleaning will take longer, and you will not be able to capture all the dust particles. 

Move Items And Furniture

It is essential to move items when cleaning so that you capture all the dust particles. Make sure that you lift flower vases when dusting side tables and bookshelves.

Move the things around, wipe them and the surfaces. In case you have picture frames, make sure that you clean them too. 

It is essential to dust your walls, so make sure you move your furniture around for better access. That ensures that there are no particles left in your home.

Make sure that you dust the furniture before you move it. It ensures that these particles do not end up on the wall after you dust. 

Dust Top Down

As mentioned above, make sure that you start dusting from the top. That means you should, for instance, begin with light fixtures and move on to furniture.

When you do this, it ensures that you will not have to deal with particles falling from the ceiling to items and furniture that you have already dusted. It also ascertains that you save time and energy during cleaning. 

Dust Regularly

One of the ways to dust effectively is to dust regularly. If you do not clean regularly, there will be a build-up of particles that will be difficult to clean.

Remember, if you dust regularly, cleaning will take a short time.

Wet or Dry Duster – Which is best?

If you have surfaces covered with a large amount of dust, it is advisable to use wet dusting over dry dusting. Wet-dusting does not kick up dust particles compared to dry dusting.

That said, it is essential to use a dry cloth to wipe a surface after wet-dusting. It prevents the appearance of streaks and makes the surface shiny.

Wet dusting is better for your furniture as it does not scratch it. Over time, dry dusting will cause your furniture to lose its shine and become unappealing.

Dry dusting may also not get all the dust particles as it tends to spread them around the room. It is, therefore, advisable that you use dry and wet dusting together. 

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