What is the trick to keeping pet hairs at bay?

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  • Date: May 6, 2022
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Keeping your pet’s hair at bay can be a challenging task not only to those who are beginning to like pests but also to those who have experience in pet keeping. For a pet lover keeping your house clean, and tidy is on of most hectic job to do.

Pet hair can at times get out of control with the issue of home tidiness if they are not well taken care of because they keep losing of their hair any how in the house. You may be wondering what is the trick of keeping your pet hair at bay?

As a pet lover do not panic because I will share with you the best trick to keep your hair at bay with much ease and keep your home a clean and tidy, free from the pet s hair.

1. Regular grooming of your pets.

First, to keep your pet hairs at bay, ensure to groom you pets in regular basis. Regular grooming might be an obvious solution to many but most of us end up postponing the regular grooming a day after another. At last, we find that it has been a long time since we groomed our pets.

You should make it a habit and a sworn duty to regularly groom your pets at least twice a week this will help you have a pet hair free home. regular grooming will also ensure that the pet’s hair is well maintained.

2. Introduce a healthy diet to your pets.

Most of our pets’ feeds on the regular foods that are out of diet. Just like human beings, feeding our pets with unhealthy diets results to unhealthy body reactions due to lack of some nutrients. Feeding our pets with good diets helps them with the unnatural and excessive shedding.

Including some supplements such as coconut oil and omega 3 to the diets of the pets will result to the pet having a strong and shiny coat hence reducing the amount of dead fur falling out.

You do not need to buy expensive pet food so as to meet the required food diet, because some of the supplements are available in your house kitchen.

3. Vacuum clean your house daily.

A vacuum cleaner is a lightweight gadget that is handheld. It allows you to collect every single particle of dirt on the floor mat and chairs in your house. When using a vacuum cleaner, it collects all pet’s hair that might be in your house within few minutes.

As a pet lover investing in a vacuum cleaner could be the best idea to keeping your pet’s hair at bay because it helps you do away with hairy spots in your house faster.

To make the vacuum cleaner more useful ensure to use all vacuums attachment in the collect manner. Doing daily vacuum cleaning will be a huge step to keeping your pets’ hair at bay.

4. Have a general cleaning weekly.

For a tidy home ensure to do a thorough general cleaning at least ones per week. Pets’ hair can get anywhere and as you do your cleaning do not forget places like under the chairs and the bed, lift up your mattress, sit cushions and blankets, your wardrobe and any other necessary places.

While cleaning use a rubber brush or a broom with strong bristles to swipe on the carpets. The bristles on the rubber broom acts like a magnet that attracts the pet’s hair. In case there is no rubber brush, you can use rubber gloves which serve a similar purpose.

5. Make use of slipcovers.

To keep your house free from pet’s hair introduce washable slipcovers to your furniture including your bed and chairs to act as hair collectors. No guest would wish to sit on cushion full of pet’s hair hence make sure to regularly toss the slipcovers into the laundry and replace them with others.

Slipcovers will ease you work of cleaning the house as you will have already done away with most of the hair. For slipcovers you can either buy new ones or use some old sheets.

6. Protect you house floor.

To keep your pet’s hair at bay, protect the floor by making sure that the pet’s hair does not get to it. You can protect the floor by using throw rugs. Place the rugs in the house to prevent the fur from spreading all over the house. Also place one at the doorway to catch dirt and dust that you pet may bring in on it fur or feet. The rugs should be washable and easy to replace when the becomes worn out or stained.

To protect your floors also ensure to keep the paws clean and tidy by wiping their feet with a microfiber piece of cloth before letting them into the house after an outdoor activity. This makes you house tidy and clean.

7. Make a place for your pet to stay.

To keep you pets hair at bay it is best if you made a place specifically for it to spend time in it may be a cage or a pet house where you could be going at your free time to play with your pet. The pet house could either be indoors or outdoors where you can easily access it and be able to feed your pet from.

By making the pet house it will lessen the amount of time you pet spends in your house hence little or no pet’s hair to give you headache during cleaning.

Bottom line

Keeping your pet’s hair at bay will be a walk in the park while following the above tricks. With the tricks you will be able to save a lot of time that was previously used in cleaning.

Well, keeping your pet’s hair able need not to be expensive or hard because as a pet lover, you have all that it takes to keep your pets tidy, your house clean and free from pets’ hair. Good luck as you utilize the tricks.

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